Search Engine Optimization Process

Catch it before it’s gone

Comply with the Search Engines' offical requirements today. Many in the world are waking up to comply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) via official requirements of the search engine developers. Those who wake up early get to be ahead among those who don't. And even among those who woke up, those who address all the requirements obviously get to stay ahead of all of those who don't. Upon checking people misusing the search engine, search engines developers very frequently update their requirement policies. If you don't address them from time to time you will stay behind. So are you addressing all the necessary requirements? And are you also ahead of what the search engine developers might think next? ranked on the 1st position of on the 2nd of March 2017 for the keyword term Search Marketing India. also ranked on the 1st position of for the keyword term Search Engine Marketing India when checked on the 6th of March 2017. If Seashell has been lucky, it will be ranking around the top positions even today.

SEO service highlights

  1. Benchmarks. Plus 250 benchmarks addressed
  2. Experienced SEOs. SEO with over 10,000 hours of hands-on-experience.
  3. Right keywords. Not all the keywords convert. We choose the keywords that convert.
  4. Copywriting Experts. Whilst selecting keywords is important, the right choice of words that match your brand DNA is equally vital, so our SEO experts are backed by professional copywriters.
  5. No rankings promised. At Seashell search engine optimization isn't about ranking websites on top positions, but it is about compliying the search engine's official requirements. Thereby we don't promise search rankings. Again many a times after complying the search engine's necessary requirements it is noticed the website starts ranking on the top positions when the webpages are systematically promoted sufficiently along.
  6. NO SPAM. We follow 100% ethical methods. We strictly adhere to no-spam policies described by the respective websites and mediums in use.

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