Did you lose important ranking? Now what?

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Did you wonder why did we write “search marketing India”? We were ranking on No.1 for this term at Google and we suddenly were no where the day we started writing this blog post.

While we realized we were perhaps losing this term, we asked one of our friend to send us a picture for a proof.

Seashell was ranking at No.1 for Search Marketing India


The mantra is to try stay calm and try focus on all possible solutions and try stop getting disturbed about the loss that’s happen. Every second you allow yourself getting disturbed about the problem unnecessarily, is a waste of time.

We had change the title of the page and the meta description tag in order to rank the newer terms. This change instead of getting us a higher ranking, dropped us down.

We also optimized the content on the page, but while the website started ranking towards the newer terms, it lost its position for the older important term “search marketing India”.

We had the following things to do,
1. Get the old version back,
2. Go after the older term with the newer content.

We opted 2 and planned to go after the older term with the newer content.

What do you think? We got it back?

While we don’t disclose a lot of important marketing recipes openly, you need to watch us closely doing things. Or, the easier way around is, to reach us directly. We may tell you what we did.

An important hint is, check for the latest search engine update, and also analyze for the change that was made on the website if any. For further details, you need to reach us personally.

Ah! this is not the first time we lost rankings. Is its just another usual day here.

If you have lost ranking and don’t know what to do, do reach us at sup..@seashell.co.in (sup…=support). We may be able to help you with the best guidance.

On 30 March, 2019 Ranking For the Term Search Marketing India

  • Google: Literally not listed for that term.
  • Bing: Page 1. At no.3
  • Yahoo: Page 1.. At no.3

On 31st March, 2019 Ranking For the Term Search Marketing India

  • Google: No.1
  • Bing: No.1
  • Yahoo: No. 6

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  1. It is really good article because this article is helping me and like many other bloggers like to me, which is letting us know many different and important facts of the digital marketing….

    Thanks for the sharing knowledge….

  2. Ranking change because of many factors such as SEO, algorithm updates, competition, etc. It is always wise to focus on adding value in the content to maximize the impact of content marketing and SEO.

    1. I agree content is the king. SEs are duty bound to get the visitor to the best solution that’s available. If one SE fails, to get visitors the visitor what they need, another may try to give them the same if it is smarter.

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