How is optimization different at Seashell?

The key feature at Seashell is, we try optimize the facts not just towards the search engines that you popularly know, we try optimize the facts towards the recollections that happen in one’s mind, the experience of which is also alike the behavior of a search engine.

But then, the recollections that happen in the mind, are from GOD.

Did GOD create an automated engine, and that automated engine works on his behalf or does he manually himself does these sorting and makes us experience these recollections? As of now from Bhagavad Gita a person can only know the below information, until GOD unfolds further facts to him.

sarvasya chāhaṁ hṛidi sanniviṣhṭo
mattaḥ smṛitir jñānam apohanaṁ cha
(from me, recollection, knowledge, forgetfulness and)  
vedaiśh cha sarvair aham eva vedyo
vedānta-kṛid veda-vid eva chāham

GOD himself informed at Bhagavad Gita 15.15

We at Seashell try optimize facts towards GOD, as he judges facts perfectly. Because, if a person has done actions 100% perfectly, he becomes happy, via genuine satisfaction. Why do we all work? We all work for happiness. And if we are not genuinely happy, we always feel dissatisfied.

If you are looking towards getting a 100% satisfaction, Seashell may be the right solution for you. We at Seashell constantly try to find ways and means to make things perfect. We try to decipher ancient texts those that inform us the methods of perfections informed by GOD. Only the original scientist can definitely know how he has made things around. A person logically has no other way towards knowing all facts, other than trusting in him.

We at Seashell have surrendered at his mercy. With GOD’s mercy we have got lot of details towards making things in life optimal.

After the services offered by establishments are behaving optimally, isn’t it the duty of the search engines in this world to present those services to the world, on a priority basis? If rationally yes, then the key feature at Seashell is about understanding this requirement, and trying accomplish them. The processes at Seashell are being tweaked regularly to make your processes become perfect. If the processes at the end you are, are perfect and best, shouldn’t the Search Engines also logically rank you at 1st?

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